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Muscle Disease from Metal Implants

Dr. Sands with Patricia

“As an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in total joint replacements, I have been blessed to help thousands of patients. Every patient’s experience is different as they move down the road of recovery.  A large part of my practice deals with revision surgeries. These cases are usually more complex and their outcomes are not as predictable. One of my most memorable experiences started the day I met with Patricia Harton, her husband Tom, and daughter Christa.



Patricia Harton presented to my office initially because of pain in her left total knee replacement.  What started out as a routine revision total knee surgery developed into a journey that affected everyone’s life involved with Ms. Harton. During my time with them, I witnessed a daughter’s undying devotion to her mother, and inner strength in Patricia as she went through this process step by step.

Their journey brings to light issues associated with metal allergies, doctor/patient relationships and faith. Particularly during this time in Orthopaedics, the issue of metal allergies and the affect of metal on the human body are being thoroughly investigated. Currently, allergic reactions to metal implants are considered extremely rare.  However, as more cases like Patricia’s come to light, we are learning daily some of the signs and symptoms of metal allergies.


I am honored to have been a part of this amazing and at times sobering true story of a patient’s struggle with metal toxicity, the medical field, and her undying faith.”

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