Steel Standing Book

Muscle Disease from Metal Implants

Medical Breakthrough: Patricia’s muscle tissue is regrowing after metal revisions!

Patricia is shown with Dr. Liang Lu, Neurologist and Rare Muscle Research Specialist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Medical Center. On January 17, 2012, Dr. Lu deemed mom a medical breakthrough! Based on his research data in the United States, she is the first patient to “RE-GROW” muscle tissue AFTER the types of metals were revised from Cobalt-Chromium-Nickel to Titanium in her knee and hip replacements!

Previously, she was diagnosed with Inflammatory Myopathy. Since her many surgeries to change the types of metals in her hip and knee, the Myopathy is declining. She may never be 100 percent again due to the damage the types of metals destroyed with her muscles and nerves, but she can drive, cook, clean, do things, play the piano and is independent again! She no longer needs a full time caregiver to feed her. She is playing the piano at “Steel Standing” presentations! She is a miracle.

THAT is something to get excited about! THIS is the information we want to share with others that may have metal implants which are causing what appears to be “unrelated health issues” as it was in my mom’s case! Extraordinary! Blessed! Elated!

If you are having any issues such as Patricia had, we understand! No one warned us about the types of metals before mom had metal joint replacements. The question was not asked, “Are you allergic to any types of metals?”

If you are allergic to ANY metals, we suggest you place it on ALL your medical records. No one ever knows when they may fall, break a bone, slip and hurt their back needing metal implants. Accidents happen. Be as prepared as possible. After what my mom experienced, we strongly believe “Metal Allergy Testing” – NOT patch testing – but accredited lab researched blood tests should be a pre-requisite in our health care system. No one should have to suffer unnecessarily with metal implants if at all possible.