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Muscle Disease from Metal Implants

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The majority of Christa’s professional career was primarily served in medical centers and health focused work environments. She has first-hand experience working with various specialty physicians in clinical and non-clinical settings through her role in public relations and marketing. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in health sciences which became a strength meshing her skillsets and education.

Christa conducted the clinical research in her mother’s case while being her caregiver for over five years. During this time, she faced a great deal of one-on-one interaction with physicians trying to understand how to work best with their protocols.

In 2009 her theory was considered farfetched due to the lack of information available in the United States. The existence of metal induced allergies was not widely recognized in this country but was well established in the United Kingdom and throughout some European countries.

Today, physicians are networking with Christa as they share continued updates on the scientific research so she can share it with Steel Standing followers and readers. Her mom’s attending physicians acknowledge Christa’s research instigated the process which helped to save her mom’s life.

Chris signing books -CMThe scientific facts documented throughout Steel Standing: Surviving Metal Allergies are highly credible medical sources with case study research and quantifiable references provided.

In her spare time, Christa continues to give public speaking presentations to college and universities, (primarily medical and nursing undergraduate classes), in addition to civic, community and church events. She began her public speaking rounds sharing her mom’s story emphasizing metal awareness in June 2012 after her first book was published. Her audience has broadened quickly.

In June 2013, Christa was invited to be a guest speaker at a medical conference in Dallas, Texas.

She forges onward as Steel Standing is any but still!







The Mystery. The Journey. The Miracle.