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Muscle Disease from Metal Implants

What is Inflammatory Myopathy?

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The three main types of chronic, or persistent, inflammatory myopathy are polymyositis, dermatomyositis, and inclusion body myositis.

Muscle inflammation may be caused by an allergic reaction, exposure to a toxic substance or medicine, another disease such as cancer or rheumatic conditions, or a virus or other infectious agent. The chronic inflammatory myopathies are idiopathic, meaning they have no known cause. They are thought to be autoimmune disorders, in which the body’s white blood cells (that normally fight disease) attack blood vessels, normal muscle fibers, and connective tissue in organs, bones, and joints.

The chronic inflammatory myopathies cannot be cured in most adults but many of the symptoms can be treated. Options include medication, physical therapy, exercise, heat therapy (including microwave and ultrasound), orthotics and assistive devices, and rest. Inflammatory myopathies that are caused by medicines, a virus or other infectious agents, or exposure to a toxic substance usually abate when the harmful substance is removed or the infection is treated. If left untreated, inflammatory myopathy can cause permanent disability.

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What is Inflammatory Myopathy?

“Muscle inflammation may be caused by an allergic reaction, exposure to a toxic substance or medicine, (or) another disease …” **


When I read this information in 2009, I realized there was not a medical translation to encourage any improvement in my mother’s chances for a return to her quality of life after being diagnosed with Inflammatory Myopathy.

Her arms looked as if she were malnourished! Her legs were beginning to slow down as if she were walking with cement blocks. This was hard for my mother to endure because of her strong independent nature. And that made it harder for me as I watched her struggle while suffering physically and emotionally. Her “hope” was the strongest aspect of her entire journey.

By gaining knowledge and having hope, I was able to connect mother’s culprit which had been a silent killer. Once her metals which were made of irritating chemicals and severely inflaming her muscles (Inflammatory Myopathy) were revised/changed – her muscle tissue starting growing again!

This is the first non-clinical (means only one case) medical case documented in the United States linking Inflammatory Myopathy to metal allergies. Unfortunately, not everyone’s medical mystery is solved. We encourage you to keep your hope and continue to exhaust all possibilities!

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