Steel Standing Book

Muscle Disease from Metal Implants

Gifted Pianist Mysteriously Loses Her Upper Body Strength

Patricia and her ChickeringPatricia began to experience an increased weakness in her arms, wrists, hands and fingers. She had played the piano since age 4. Her upper body strength was tremendous. Yet, she gradually became unable to feed, bathe or live independently without assistance. It was an mysterious occurrence.

What triggered her healthy body to succumb to a rapid weakness?

Soon, my hands became her hands. Physicians and specialists could not explain her muscle weakness and inability to use her hands and arms. First, she was thought to have ASL. After a muscle biopsy, she was diagnosed with Inflammatory Myopathy (a severe deterioration in muscle tissue).

Patricia’s case of Inflammatory Myopathy did not fit the textbook criteria. After several top orthopaedic and neurological specialists were unable to link her mysterious muscle weakness to any source. They gave up trying to make any connection. That’s when I began my own extensive research seeking any possible clues as to what triggered her severe muscle weakness.

In 2008-09, resources were not available in the United States depicting clinical studies about the possibility of metal allergies. After several days  of nonstop research, I discovered European clinical studies dating back to 1970 warning of metal allergies. Prior to using metal implants, the Unites States did not have any clinical studies or investigate the types of metals being used or the side effects of metals such as Nickel, Cobalt and Chromium. Hip replacements began in the United States by one surgeon in the 1940s by a South Carolina orthopedic surgeon. It was an experimental project.



No one was offering any assistance to the medical sources I had located. Sound medical and surgeon clinical studies providing the facts needed to discount her muscle weakness was from any thing other than the types of metals in her hip and knee replacements.

My theory was simple. Change the types of metals in her replacements. If there was any improved help, then it was better than amputating her leg. At the time, it seemed the only possible alternative to save her life! That’s how weak her healthy body has become. That’s how bleak her situation became.

The communication barriers by skeptics were horrific. My mother’s courage to continue forward hoping for any solution to her health issues for six years with repeated surgeries was incredibly exhausting. However, she chose to share her story so others would be informed.

It’s a story true story and hopefully will help save another person’s quality of life if the links to unrelated health issues can be traced back to the types of metals in their body (joint replacements, dental posts, pacemaker case, surgical clips, open heart chest closures – usually stainless steel).

Dangerous metal components are also in cosmetics, hair dyes, and most products we NEVER thought about. We weren’t aware nor warned of metal issues. We are now.

My mother is disabled to a certain degree because of her body’s allergic reaction to Nickel and Cobalt. Her toxicity levels in her body had reached a toxic threshold. Everyday since her last corrective surgery, she had improved with great strides.

Not everyone may experience what my mother has endured, but how I wished someone had written a book like Steel Standing in 2008 to give us guidance and information.


Do you know what types of metals your body can tolerate?



Please Note: We respect the medical community and our physicians. We never sought litigation nor did I expose the real physicians’ names in the book. Actually, the names I created gave our journey some levity! Ethically, I abide by high standards with the strictest of confidential circumstances. It’s my job to educate others regarding health care issues which is also a deep passion for me in helping others become health conscious.

The Mystery. The Journey. The Miracle.